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Our principal trainer, Stephen Blenkinsop is a City and Guilds Certified Trainer and Assessor, he holds the Certficate of Education, and is an Approved Driving Instructor on the Fleet Register, your assurance that you are getting a qualifed and experienced instructor.

He has also provided safety and driver training, and watch driving assessor and assessment courses to Fire Service Junior Officers, and assessment training to those in the private sector.

We can therefore provide the following training, or give assessments in:

  1. Driving Risk Assessments on drivers who drive a vehicle (car, van or wagon) as part of their daily routine. This is a mandatory requirement for any driver of any vehicle, by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 legislation. Risk assessments should be recorded, analysed, reviewed and updated reguarly for all parts of an employee's activity in the workplace. If that workplace involves driving a vehicle on public roads, then it shoud be completed.
  2. In House Assessors, have become a cost effective way to assess your own drivers, we can train some of your senior staff to complete in house driver assessments as part of CPC and CPD requirements. You are not allowed to teach someone in a car unless you are an Approved Driving Instructor, but you can assess someone without infringing legislation, and then request external training by suitably qualified personnel.
  3. Pre-employment driving assessments on potential new employees. Would you allow a driver to drive a liveried vehicle on the road just because you have sighted their driving licence? This is not sufficient in todays world and places your hard earned company reputation with a virtual stranger
  4. Post accident assessments on drivers involved in a serious, or a number of accidents. The legislation requires you to record, monitor, investigate and review all accidents in your organisation. Let us be part of that, by supplying a fair and unbiased assessment of the drivers in your organisation, who may be contributing to a bad accident record with insurance premiums being increased to compensate.
  5. Ensuring compliance is the application of a common sense approach to training and risk assessing your drivers as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 legislation. The implementation, recording and reviewing of all parts of an employee's driving activity is an essential requirement to ensure that fleet managers meet their duty of care in the workplace.
  6. CPC and CPD are now within the large fleet sector. If you have a large number of people to train and assess over a period of time, we would ask you to consider a rolling staged approach to managing large numbers of drivers within your fleet, by splitting your training and assessing programme over three years. Prioritising your highest mileage, or accident prone drivers first, then slowly and evenly working your way through the workforce. By implementing this methodical rolling programme, you are clearly "managing occupational road risk" and ensuring you maintain compliance.
  7. Online Assessments can be a useful way of prioritising staff training, as suggested by most driver training companies, as it retains your committment to a a prescibed package, with a low initial outlay. Consider this; would you trust a surgeon to carry out an operation if he has only ever been trained and assessed on a computer simulation?
    If you wish to use this online assessment procedure, we recommend an independent approach, sourcing your own online assessment package, too many companies offer this service and one is never sure if the results and recommendations are weighted to over emphasise and promote their own expensive training facilities.

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