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In House Assessors Course

If you have a large fleet of vehicles and need to maintain consistent high standards by conducting regular driving assessments in-house, be they car or van drivers, or if you use large goods vehicles, and want to keep abreast of Continuing Professional Competence (development) for your existing drivers. Then perhaps you may wish to consider selecting and training some of your most experienced and competent drivers, to assess the current driving standards, and monitor the training needs of your remaining drivers. large goods vehicle

LGV CPC and CPD requirements, mean you must risk assess and train your drivers, we can give additional training to your senior staff or more experienced drivers, for them to be able to assess your remaining company vehicle drivers (car, van or wagon) as part of their individual CPC and CPD requirements, ensuring compliance for your organisation.

In-house risk assessments will help you to comply with current health and safety legislation. It will give experienced LGV fleet drivers the skills and knowledge required to carry out driving assessments on behalf of the organisation in a safe, efficient and professional manner. Helping to identify and resolve poor driving practices and unsafe driving, reducing the chances of having an accident occurring and with a reduction in fleet costs

You will also be able to prioritise which staff need additional training through risk assessments.

You will also be able to carry out pre-employment driving risk assessments on potential new drivers.

So the Objectives of the course will be:

a) Be able to deliver fair, consistent and impartial driving risk assessments for new inductees and current drivers.

b) Giving positive feedback.

c) Recording the results of those driving risk assessments, including vehicle checks.

d) State the organisations current policy on driving matters.

e) Know the main causes of accidents and how to reduce them.

f) Be able to give a demonstration drive to highlight the required standard expected of drivers, helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Topics that may also be covered include;
Licensing, Continuing Professional Competence and Development, Health, Fitness to Drive, Drivers Hours, Analogue and Digital Tacographs. Motoring Offences, Vehicle checks, Vehicle loading, Route selection, Weight and height restrictions, Bad weather, Fuel economy, Health & Safety issues, Fair Assessments, Feedback, Coaching, and Company Procedures on driving.

If you need driver assessment report forms and a guide to help you identify a drivers faults on the road, download them both here.

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