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Pre-employment Assessments

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Pre-employment driving risk assessments on potential new employees.

You would not recruit someone and let them use a company computer and critical software, without first ensuring that they are not going to destroy data, or corrupt programs, so why should you let someone drive a liveried vehicle, onto the public streets without first carrying out a pre-employment driving risk assessment, ensuring they are safe, and worthy of being associated with your company's good name.

To recruit someone as a company driver, purely on the basis of them holding a driving licence, is dangerous in the extreme, some of these questions you may wish to consider, are they licensed for the category of vehicle you are using? are they the correct age for that catergory? Do they have any endorsements pending? Is the licence valid? is the licence a forgery, if its a foreign licence, are they allowed to drive in this country? These are very technical issues, and you may prefer to let someone who is experienced in this field to give advice or take control of the situation.

There is nothing worse than seeing a company vehicle on the local, or national news reports, after it has been involved in a road traffic collision due to bad driving. Bad publicity spreads like wildfire, and often tarnishes a company's image for many years. We all remember the Ratners fiasco?

If you wish, we can meet up with one of your prospective employees, and take them for a short pre-employment driving risk assessment, anything from one to four hours, then give them a verbal debrief immediately after the drive, followed by a full writen report submitted a few days later to your departmental head for further consideration.

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