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Post-Accident Driver Risk Assessments

road traffic accident
We can provide the following:

Investigations must be carried out if you have a driver involved in a serious or fatal road traffic accident or collison, this forms part of your health and safety obligations, the aim being to stop it happening again.

Post accident risk assessments, can help to determine if there is a likeliehood of that type of accident occurring again, we will see if the driver has the correct attitude, skills and knowledge to remain safe on the road using your company vehicle.

If you wish, we can take a totally unbiased view of that incident and highlight the main features that contributed to the cause of the accident, leaving no stone unturned in our investigation.

We can trawl through your accident statistics to determine if there is a trend that emerges from this driver and to identify further training needs, or if they need to be re-allocated to other duties.

Accidents do not just occur, they are the result of a series of unplanned linked events. You should be committed to preventing these by a clear and logical approach, with a good post-accident investigation which can help identify areas of improvement in your training.

Compliance with health and safety regulations will ensure that you meet your duty of care, and so help to lessen the likeliehood of you being personally involved in litigation both as a manager or Director

Refer to the Health and Safety Executive for an insight to best practice for accident investigations.

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