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Human Costs of Accidents

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All good training should pay for itself over time, by the reduction in waste, increase in performance and the added value we may see in our workforce.

Well trained staff are more likely to stay, reducing staff turnover, they are also more efficient at their job and present a better image of the organisation to outside companies.

Poorly trained staff are more likely to make errors. If these errors are contained within the workplace, there is less impact on the organisation, if they happen outside the workplace, they are not only damaging to the company, but could be catastrophic to the individual concerned.

There are two main costs associated with accidents, human and financial, some of these costs are easy to quantify, others less so.

Listed below are some of the human costs that may arise from an accident involving one of your vehicles, we have already looked at the financial costs previously.

When a serious road traffic accident occurs, its not as easy to calculate the human suffering as it is to work out the financial costs following that accident but here are some that you may not have thought of:

These human costs are very difficult to quantify, but their true costs are much more expensive in real terms than cash, it should be everyone's aim to reduce the likleihood of accidents occurring through good training and effective management

As a manager, how would you deal with the outcomes of some these accidents?

As a driver, have you ever displayed some of the attitudes of these drivers?

Please take time to look at these video clips, it will prove that ALL HUMAN ACTIONS have human consequences!!

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