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Driver Training Courses

There is a legal requirement to train and provide courses for all your staff, who may come into contact with moving vehicles throughout their working day.

1. All courses have been risk assessed

2. Training session plans are available for inspection

3. All courses can be adapted to suit your organisational training needs

4. For a small additional fee, suitable course handouts can be provided ie; Highway Code, Defensive Driving books etc;

Please note that all our trainers are on the Driving Standards Fleet Register, which is your assurance that they have all received additional training and inspection, over and above that required by your average learner driver Instructor

Here is a brief sample of some of the courses we can offer you:

  1. Occupational Road Risk, or Defensive Driver, our most popular course for fleet operators or SME's. This gives you a theory session, followed by a formal on-road assessment, which can form part of your risk assessment program to prioritise your driver training requirements, then a full practical on-road training session eventually followed by a final practical assessment, to show areas of improvement during training, and the benefits that formal training can bring, all combined into a package for one or two drivers.
  2. Driver Risk Assessments - a legal requirement as a minimum for all drivers within your organisation - there is a duty to risk assess all parts of an employee's role, and if this includes driving, then you must have these recorded and completed by a suitably competent person. An approved driving instructor with a NEBOSH qualification will undertake this important work.
  3. Mini-bus - for schools, colleges or charities who use a mini-bus and need to ensure their teachers/drivers are familiarised with the vehicle dimensions and weight, and the added responsibility it brings. A Must have, in this time of litigation.
  4. Fuel economy, all fleet operators need to reduce costs, and one of the most significant is that of fuel, find out how to save on each and every precious mile, year after year, journey after journey. It will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Visit act on co2 now.
  5. Banksman or reversing assistants, for those personnel who regularly need to reverse their own or other company vehicles. This is important for those with delivery yards to control, or vehicles on urban duties, ie waste collection, furnture removers, large deliveries etc; The health & safety executive are actively encouraging this form of training within the waste collection service due to an extremely high number of accidents within this sector.
  6. Trailer Towing, for caravan or trailer owners who need guidance on the new DSA test or how to safely reverse and manoeuvre a newly aquired trailer.
  7. Off-Road, for those drivers who own and use a 4 x 4 or greater! We have trainers who driven 6 x 6 airport crash tenders for a living.
  8. Winch Operator, a follow-on course for advanced off roaders or users of vehicle mounted winches.
  9. Lorry Loading, for those personnel who need to supervise or complete lorry loading and make sure the vehicle complies with all legal requirements and is safe to drive.
  10. Vocational Training, for those aspects of driver training not covered elsewhere.
  11. Fire risk assessments can be carried out for small blocks of flats, for a one price fee! Ring now to get the ball rolling, or you may be guilty of failing in your duty to act.
  12. We can also assist with training supervisory staff in Fire Marshall duties, and advise them on fixed installation testing routines.

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