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Mini-Bus Training

  1. Designed for those who are licensed to drive a mini bus but need familiarisation
  2. Ideal for teachers or volunteers who occasionally drive a mini bus.
  3. Provides both a risk assessment and training, as required by legislation.
  4. Can be extended to help prepare new drivers for the D1 catergory Driving Standards Agency test.
  5. Mini bus legislation is very complicated, we aim to make it easy to understand.

Mini-bus - for schools, colleges or charities who use a mini-bus with more than eight seats, who passed their car test before Jan 1997 and need to ensure their teachers/drivers are familiarised with the vehicle dimensions weight, and the added responsibility it brings.

Drivers must usually hold a category D1 licence to drive this vehicle

People who passed their car test after 1st January 1997, are not usually licensed to drive this vehicle, unless exempt under special rules

Ensure your staff are licensed, insured and trained to drive this category of vehicle before its too late. A common fault is not being licensed to drive certain catergories of vehicles, use the following guide to help you determine drivers licencing.

D100 Driving Licence Information Booklet

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