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Lots of research has been undertaken to discover the cost savings from providing Eco-Driver (SAFED) training, in an era of ever increasing fuel prices we all need to consider making long-term savings. Look at your last years fuel bill. Find out what a 5-15 percent saving would realise in a year.

10 company drivers could clock up over 400,000 miles in that year

In an average company car this would total over £40,000

Five seperate days of training for ten drivers would cost just over a thousand pounds

The minimum five percent fuel saving, should save you over £2,000 next year, and the year after, and after...

  1. Fuel economy, all fleet operators need to reduce costs, and one of the most significant is that of fuel. Find out how to save on each and every precious mile! year after year! journey after journey.
  2. Look at your fuel costs, identify your lower mpg drivers and ascertain why?
  3. Appoint a fuel champion to monitor fuel consumption and make recommendations for eco-driving.. Visit the Feight Best Practice Website.
  4. Analyse your journeys to ascertain if you can eliminate wastage, group several areas together, and combine them into one trip but ensure maximum continuous driving time is limited to two hours or less, followed by a short break, and that driving time is included in the working day allowance.
  5. Act on CO2, reduce your carbon emissions, look at your green credentials and see if you can save money and make the planet a better place for us all. It will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Visit Act on CO2 website

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