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We are able to offer the following vocational or driving related training to you and your organisation;

Lorry Loading

We have done lorry loading for drivers or those who have to prepare a vehicle on behalf of drivers, this usually takes the form of a short presentation based on the codes of practice and it covers responsibilities, vehicle construction, loading, securing methods and practical suggestions, then a short practical demo of some sample loads followed by a recapitulation period to ensure training has been accepted.

Demountable Units (Multilift)

Demountable unit training has been undertaken with Multi-Lift vehicles, this includes practical and theory on construction, methods of loading and unloading, recovering a lift after breakdown using a donor vehicle.

Vehicle Routines

We can show personnel the correct manner in which to systematically check a vehicle out for daily, weekly or monthly routines in a safe and methodical way, this will provide practical and theory training on Health and safety, legal issues, responsibilities, and personal protective clothing, all to ensure that drivers and others meet their legal obligations.

Off road manouvering

We can make an enjoyable session highlighting the safety aspects of slow speed manouevering and reversing around a set of cones, with marked out bays, slalom runs and garage parking, an ideal way to promote a safety culture but still making training enjoyable and educational.

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