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General Information about our Prices

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1. All courses have been risk assessed

2. Training session plans are available for inspection

3. Therefore all courses can be adapted to suit your organisational training needs

4. Funding may be available to assist your financing?

5. Prices may not be previous century 1901 values, but being local, they are considerably lower than our national competitors

Price rates for all types of risk assessments are now equalised, May 2012, please note.

We have been trading for over thirteen years and feel that we offer the keenest pricing structure in the Northwest.

Our half day (four hour) morning or afternoon training session i.e. Banksman etc£130

Our one hour driving assessment with short verbal debrief and risk rating is £30
Our two hour driving assessment with short verbal debrief and written report with risk rating is £65
Our half day (four hour) driving assessment, with a full written report, risk rating and training analysis is £130

Our half day (four hours) course for a morning or afternoon session which will cover an inital driving assessment, fault analysis and training, followed by a final assessment written report and risk rating is £130
Our most popular and requested course is for two people all day, and covers initial assessment, fault anlysis,training, final assessments, with written reports and risk ratings at £220.
This course will ensure you have complied fully with health and safety risk assessments and training for most driver types.

Specialist or bespoke training requirements will be negotiated accordingly, subject to terms and conditions.

Discounts may be available if numbers exceed six courses or assessments, subject to terms and conditions, and cannot be linked to funding grants or other schemes. Payment can be made in cash, via PayPal or we can invoice you direct subject to payment within thirty days.

No mileage is charged if its within the Merseyside boundary.
Mileage is charged if outside the Merseyside boundary, at a standard rate along with any subsequent accommodation costs if an overnight stay is required.



In order to obtain an estimate of the pricing structure for fire risk assessments, we need a guide as to the size of the building concerned, the easiest way to do this is count the total number of all flats within the building (or block) and mutiply it by the figures shown below.

Costs based on the total number of flats in the block, up to a maximum of 12. £24 per flat
Example - Eight flats in the block equals 8 times £24. Example - costs £192

If above 12 flats in a block, the unit price is further reduced to £20 per flat
Example - Sixteen flats in the block equals 16 times £20. Example - costs £320

PLEASE NOTE; There is a minimum charge of £150 per block

These costs can work out at about eight pounds a year for the average single resident in a small block of flats. These costs are based on the average block of flats, more complex structures or higher risk buildings may vary from the prices shown, but you will be informed of this at the first inspection.

NB See our FAQs on Fire Risk Assessments to see how long the FRA will last

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