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  1. Good training should and must pay for itself.
  2. Fuel savings can be used to offset the cost of training.
  3. Fewer repairs and less servicing downtime reduces overall running costs.
  4. Reduced accident rates can bring about reduced insurance premiums.
  5. Increase your green credentials and make significant savings on fuel.

Funding your training, can be made cost effective by utilising savings made from its inception. Some of the most successful and larger companies invest heavily in training, knowing it brings many returns to the business.

It is important that you understand that good training will pay for itself, but it has to be part of a fundamental change in company culture.

Contact your insurance company or broker to determine if a premium discount would apply, if all your staff were to be risk assessed and trained by a competent person. This could substantially reduce the overall cost of training, not only in the first year, but year on year, proving that training pays in the long term.

If you need FUNDING help, please contact your local Training and Enterprise Council (TEC) or get in touch with one of our partners with whom we have developed a special relationship and have had subsidised training and funding on behalf of some of our local clients.

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